Friday, 20 April 2012

Would you let this man write a song about you?

Pete Fij will be playing a special one-off event on Thursday 26th April at Coast Cafe on Worthing seafront as part of the Special Treat night (tickets £3 on the door), where he will be playing a selection of his songs and discussing the song-writing process & the stories behind them. He will be asking members of the audience to chat to him about stories and incidents in their life, and he plans to pick on one of those tales and turn it into a song which he will reveal at the end of the night.

Pete says "I've never done this before, so it's a bit of a leap into the unknown - it all depends on 2 crucial things; firstly if people are prepared to open up to me and tell me about personal stories from their life, and secondly if I am able to then sit down and turn those experiences into a song within a strict 2 hour time limit" 

 If you would like to have a song written about you by Pete, then get close to opening time, as the night starts at 7.30pm and Pete will be first on at around 8pm, before returning to the stage towards the end of the night to hopefully reveal the new song (or alternatively explain where it all went wrong).

Full details of the night can be found here. You can also keep up to date with all things Bickers & Fij-shaped on the dedicated Pete Fij / Terry Bickers  Facebook site.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

UK & German Live Reviews

After Pete & Terry's recent gigs in the UK & Germany, here are a couple of bits and pieces that have appeared on the net.

First up is Pennyblack's review of Bickers & Fij's recent London gig which can be read here.

Next, is an in depth report of our Europe-trotting duo's debut in the beautiful town of Regensburg (review in German only, but with some nice photos to look at if your foreign language skills aren't up to scratch).

Finally is a lovely  poster designed by our new friend Jochen, posted on the Sublime facebook page, featuring Pete's teddy bear Electricity Board. For those who have yet to meet him at our gigs, there's a longer story  about him, and even a song,  that we will tell you about at a later date.