Wednesday, 5 December 2012

500 Facebook Fans Can't Be Wrong

It's nearly Christmas, so we thought we'd celebrate that together with the milestone of Mags Bradley being our 500th Facebook liker  with an exclusive preview of one of the proposed designs for the Pete Fij / Terry Bickers forthcoming album.

Next year will be a busy time - early Spring will see the first buds of our labour appear through the earth with the release of the first official Bickers & Fij single, and the album and live dates are aslo due to blossom in 2013.

For those who can't wait to hear Pete's voice, you can hear a excerpt preview of his collaboration with Swedish artist Tiger Stripes here, which is due for release next week on the Canadian My Favorite Robot label (details will be updated in this story of how to obtain the single). It's obvioulsy a very different affair from the low-key Bickers & Fij album, though it still has an inherant melancholic Fij-ness, with a bit of Bryan Ferry thrown in for good measure. Download that and stick it under your Christmas tree!

In the meantime we wish you all a very festive time & all the very best for the New Year. May all your presents be good ones - for the record Terry wants a Akira Kurosawa - Samurai DVD Box Set, whilst Pete is keeping his fingers crossed for a hot water bottle.