Thursday, 11 October 2012

Ask Bickers & Fij

Following the release of their free download, Pete & Terry will be opening the lines of communication and will be doing a Q&A session, so if you have any questions for our two downbeat troubadours then drop us a line.

One question might be: "why is Pete holding an umbrella in the photo to this story when he is quite clearly in the underground away from the rain?", but we will leave it to your imagination.

You can either e-mail your questions to info(AT)petefijterrybickers(DOT)com , you can message the duo at their facebook site, or you can post a message below this entry. All questions considered - from the profound to the bizarre, so get messaging.

In the meantime you can see the cross-examination here as Fij asks Bickers  and Bickers asks Fij


  1. Hi Terry and Pete. Was Chadders really a breadhead?
    Hugs, Dan

  2. Hi Terry and Pete. Have either or both of you got songs that you you've been working on / thinking about here and there for ages (months, even years) and you really like them but you can't finish writing them for some reason? If so do you a) leave them and wait even longer for the rest of the song to miraculously arrive? b) Set a bit of time aside (easier said than done) and force your self to finish at least one? c) try to make one OK song out of the best bits of other songs that you can't finish? d) none or all of the above. Also, what's the worst song you think you've ever written and why?

  3. Ahoy Pete/Terry - It's Simon Cowell on the phone. He wants to do a Fij-Bickers themed X-Factor show this weekend. Are you up for it?

  4. What was your effects chain in HoL?

  5. Can you shoot a short video of you two creating a new song? No one ever gives-up how they come up with ideas, melodies and lyrics and how they piece them all together.