Monday, 2 September 2013

'Pay What You Want' Brighton Show

 To celebrate the imminent release of their new single 'Downsizing' (details to follow) Pete & Terry will be doing a very special 'Pay What You Want' show at the hidden gem of a venue that is Bom Banes in Brighton on Sunday 29th September at 8.30pm. Just visit the Wegottickets site and choose how much you would like to pay - anything from nothing to £100!

Mr Fij said "We know how times are tough for a lot of people at the moment, so we thought in keeping with the subject of the song ' Downsizing' we would make the gigs as accesible to everyone regardless of how much money is in their pockets - so both paupers and kings can come and rub shoulders together, to a sound-track of downbeat melancholia."

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Photo Credit: Tiya Ivy

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