Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Rich in sad melodies they may be, but in the cold, hard currency of cash messers Bickers and Fij are as poor as two church mice who have spent all of their meagre savings on recording a downbeat melancholic album called 'Broken Heart Surgery'. In order to rectify this, and make sure that the album comes they have launched a Kickstarter campaign.

Finance minister Pete Fij said "The album has been a labour of love, but we're completely broke and to get it over the finishing line we need to fund pressing up the album and then marketing it. We've set the bar low at £1000 beacuse the way Kickstarter works if you don't reach your funding goal you get nothing, but in order to do everything we'd like to do, we require quite a bit more in order to pay for press and radio PR, so we really need your help on this. "

Benevolent fans can get their name on the CD credits; own the rare lost Pete Fij 'Broken Heart Surgery' album made some 4 years before the Bickers & Fij recordings; own a used Terry Bickers plectrum; receive a Christmas card from Pete & Terry; or have a song written and recorded about themselves by Pete.

The way Kickstarter works, you can only make one pledge - but if you want more than one item that isn't included in one package, simply make one pledge, then in 'manage my pledge' increase the amount up to the value of the extra items you want to have and then message us with your extra requirement & we'll sort that out for you.

So start pledging... the funding project runs until Nov 27th, though some of the items are limited edition - so get in there sooner rather than later.

You can also follow Pete & Terry on their Facebook page here to get updates on the Kickstarter project.

Photo Credit: Photomatic Photo Booth, Snoopers Paradise, Brighton

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