Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Pete Fij / Terry Bickers gets World Premiere in Moscow

The documentary on messers Bickers & Fij  'Various Songs' is to get it's world premiere at the New British Film Festival in Moscow on Sunday November 2nd. For Russian speakers amongst you , or those of you who are interested what 'Pete Fij / Terry Bickers' looks like when written in Russian, click here

The fruit of 18 months work by documentary film maker Peter Bromley of the 1968 Film Group , it follows the duo as they prepare to launch their debut album 'Broken Heart Surgery' and features interviews with them, as well as those around them who have had a role in their musical life.

The film will have it's UK premiere later this year, with further selected UK screenings anticipated in 2015.

You can buy the album 'Broken Heart Surgery' from the Pete Fij Terry Bickers Bandcamp page, you can follow further details about the two via their facebook page, and you can follow Pete on twitter.

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