Thursday, 11 April 2013

Betty Ford - Video


Here is the video for 'Betty Ford' with our two damp troubadours battling with the English Channel.

"It was a ridiculously cold day" says Pete "20 minutes after we finished filming it began snowing, and my body went into shock shortly afterwards. The playback packed up after the first take, so what you see is an unrehearsed first time take, but I'm not sure my body would have allowed any more - I began showing all the classic signs of hyperthermia afterwards and became quite light-headed and disorientated for some hours after."

Dried-out and warmed-up our two mermaids will be playing live in Brighton at the Albert on Sunday 28th April. Tickets are now available here (£4 advance / £5 door), with a little present for the first 20 who buy tickets in advance or through the door on the night.

Betty Ford will be released as digital download on April 23rd from i-tunes, Amazon and other online retailers. In the meantime you can obtain a special preview of the track at Bandcamp.

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  1. Incredibly clever video! I love it! I've watched it several times and kept meaning to comment here. ...and with that done... I have a sandwich to get to.