Saturday, 6 April 2013

Pete Fij / Terry Bickers announce debut single

Pete Fij / Terry Bickers announce the release of their debut single "Betty Ford" which will be made available on April 23rd. A video to accompany the single will be unveiled shortly, as well as details of a Brighton show to coincide with the release.

Pete says "I can't believe we've finally got to the eve of the release. This project has been a tale of obsession and meticulous care, and at times I think both me & Terry were protective of these tunes and didn't want to let them out of our grasp, but it's time to let the songs begin to  leave the nest one by one, and live on their own in the outside world. They are big enough to handle it now. Fly 'Betty Ford', fly"

Full details of how to obtain the single will be announced shortly. You can also keep up to date on all things Pete Fij / Terry Bickers -related by liking their Facebook Page. For the Twitterati amongst you you can follow Pete on Twitter.

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